Photo / Reeder Creek Ranch

Reeder Creek Ranch

Private Fly Fishing Club on the Colorado river
Kremmling, Colorado

IMG_0337.jpg"BigFish" Bob did it again!
IMG_0338.jpgThis is the Biggest & Fattest Brown I've ever seen...
IMG_0335.jpgLook that shoulder of this beast
IMG_1195.jpgWish you were here. Aug 17, 2009
IMG_1191.jpgBeautiful rainbow. Fisherman - Joel
IMG_1190.jpgJoel has found a nice rainbow.
IMG_1189.jpgHere we go!
IMG_1188.jpgYes! Pam!!
IMG_1181.jpgJim & Colorado brown
IMG_1177.jpgNew gate!
IMG_2087.JPGBob Jewell's beautiful CutBow at the ranch.
IMG_2074.JPGBob Jewell's nice CutBow, June 20, 2009
DSC00116.jpgThis brown took #20 midge. Fisherman Gerald.
DSC00119.jpgJim hooks nice Colorado brown trout.
DSC00126.jpgNice rainbow is bending Gerald's rod.
DSC00113.jpgBald eagle watched us.
Ken and friend.jpgKen and friend
Steve W at Rainbow Run.jpgSteve W at Rainbow Run
Mike M and Todd at rainbow's end.jpgMike M and Todd at rainbow's end
Ken sleeps with the fishes.jpgKen sleeps with the fishes
Todd with Paul L's Catch O' the Day.jpgTodd with Paul L's Catch O' the Day
スライド87.jpgTodd Brown, Fishing manager

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