Guide service / Reeder Creek Ranch

Reeder Creek Ranch

Private Fly Fishing Club on the Colorado river
Kremmling, Colorado

Guide profile

- Paul Bruchez -

スライド98.jpgPaul is a Colorado native who was taught to fly fish at far too young of an age. His father, Art "The Mustache" Bruchez, was eager to get his young ones out the door so he could enjoy recreation and the three brothers could start fires outdoors instead of in the house.
His strategy worked to save the house, but now Paul and his brothers spend most of their time outside, doing what "The Mustache" taught best. After giving up the chance for a real job after college, Paul has spent the past years making Reeder Creek Ranch and the Colorado River his office. With over 10 summers of fishing and guiding on the Ranch, Paul knows a thing or two about fish in the Colorado River.

- Todd Brown -

スライド87.jpgTodd hatched in Amesbury Mass.
Todd has guided extensively in Colorado over the past 17 years and has intimate knowledge of trout habitat, entomology, presentation and approach.
His quirky sense of humor and easygoing attitude are assets he uses well to teach and reassure guests. He looks forward to sharing a fishing experience with you.

- Jimi Omori -

IMG_9960.JPGJimi O is born & raise in Tokyo, Japan.
He has moved to Kremmling, Colorado, learned to be a professional Flyfishing guide at Elktrout Lodge 1986. Since then he has been guiding at Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Yellowstone National Park for 27 years.
When he is not on the water, he enjoy spending time with his wife and daughter May.